When the weather changes: It’s not the snow that matters, but how the cold front will affect your health

The sunsets in southern California can be a great time to explore the outdoors, especially for families and young children.The temperatures can be even colder than the winter months and the wind can blow as hard as a hurricane.So, if you plan on spending the night in the mountains, you need to be prepared.This article […]

When you’re sweating, it’s okay to look for that hot spot in the world

By Josh Gagnon, ESPN.com The summer of 2016 brought a few big changes to Calgary.The city saw its first major fire of the year.A few months later, the team relocated to Arizona.The season began in earnest in April with the Flames playing host to the Arizona Coyotes in a game that was billed as a […]

What the hell happened in Calgary?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – It was late June and I was heading home.I had a good idea what I wanted to do the next day and I needed to do it on time.I was headed to a job interview at the University of Calgary to be an assistant professor in the College of Management.I already […]

When you need a discount to avoid the heat, check out the hottest spots in Calgary

There’s a reason people often refer to Calgary as “the hottest city in the world”.It has a lot going for it, with the largest city in Canada with the highest average annual temperature and lowest average annual precipitation.But it also has a steep cost.For some, Calgary’s high cost of living and limited options for travel […]

How can you be safe when you tattoo?

Today marks the first day of the tattoo season in the U.S. and it’s about to get even more intense as tattooing gets more popular in the country.Tattoos are a big part of the holiday season, with more than 200 million people across the U, and the industry is booming.But not all tattooists are happy […]

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