How the world’s hottest burger spots are killing us

Hacker News article It’s the ultimate burger.It’s also a source of pride.A burger in the mouth is not just a sandwich, it’s a piece of food that’s been grilled to perfection.That’s why there are so many hot spots around Calgary, and so many burgers, in this city.Here are the 10 hottest burger places in the […]


WHO IS WATCHING A HOT SPOT IN THE UNITED STATES? If you’re in the United States, you are now officially part of the official watchlist for hot spots and you can now see what other countries are doing with their hot spots. To get the most out of the information, check out the hot spot monitoring website.The […]

Why did Hillary Clinton’s team pay for her private plane?

It seems like a big deal.But it turns out, according to new reports, Clinton’s campaign was paying for her plane to fly to a summer resort in Mexico City on the same day she was due to speak at the United Nations General Assembly.The Associated Press and The Hill have both obtained emails between Clinton’s […]

How to prevent heartburn, burn pain,and pain with hot spot treatments

The hot spot treatment is often used as a painkiller and pain relief agent.But according to a recent study, the hot spot procedure is not a treatment for any serious disease, and may even increase the risk of complications, such as heart attacks, strokes and sudden death.According to the study, people who had had a […]

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