How to get more shampoo and conditioner at the beach

A beach can be the place where you find a new, and maybe better, shampoo or conditioner for a hot spot.And it’s not just shampoo.The sea, lakes, and other water bodies can be a great place to apply your new products.Here’s what you need to know.How to apply shampoo at the ocean The best shampoo […]

Why ‘Hot Spot’ is the #1 trending topic on Twitter in US today

HOT SPOT—or HOT SPOTS—are big and fun events that are held all across the country.They have become a big deal as part of the holiday season and as part and parcel of the holidays and birthdays of people in your life.In addition to being a great way to spend the weekend, they’re a great time […]

Which dog is hot right now?

It’s time to pick your favorite puppy hot spot and see how it stacks up. You’re going to need a dog and a hot spot.Dog Hot Spot If you’re not sure which dog is your favorite, let’s just say that there’s a dog for everyone.I think this is a dog that has the potential to be […]

When the weather changes: It’s not the snow that matters, but how the cold front will affect your health

The sunsets in southern California can be a great time to explore the outdoors, especially for families and young children.The temperatures can be even colder than the winter months and the wind can blow as hard as a hurricane.So, if you plan on spending the night in the mountains, you need to be prepared.This article […]

Hacking HOBOKEN Hot Spot Salon

Hot spots.Haircuts.The ultimate salon experience.But as with so many other things in the city, the truth is often more complicated than the hype.In a city where hot spots can make for some of the most visually striking scenes in the world, it’s a tricky business to navigate.And with a few things to consider, we’ve broken […]

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