Hawaii is one of the hottest places in the world for fitness enthusiasts and they have embraced the heat.

The island state is home to some of the best athletes and fitness experts in the country, with some of these athletes being the top athletes in the sport.

Here are the top 10 HIIT athletes and the top HIIT training methods: 1.

Joe West Joe West has been competing in the US Open for five years, winning the 2017 US Open in the same year he won the 2017 U.S. Open.

West is an Olympic champion, the first American to win the men’s and women’s gold medals at the Olympics, and one of only two Americans to win three consecutive Olympic gold medals.


Kevin Sullivan Sullivan is a two-time U.N. champion and is a three-time American CrossFit champion, and currently holds the American Record for the highest jump in the history of the sport in the 100-meter butterfly.


Justin Lee Lee has competed in all six major indoor competitions at the US Olympic Trials, including two Olympic gold medal wins and three individual world championships.

He is also a two time Olympic and world champion.


Kipchoge Kip is a five-time world champion and a three time American record holder in the hurdles, and a five time world champion in the freestyle events.


Tyler Smith Tyler Smith is a seven-time World and Olympic champion in kickboxing, and is currently ranked in the top 25 in the men, women, and under-18 world rankings.


Johnathan Williams Williams is a four-time US Olympian in kickbox, and an eight-time Olympic gold medallist.


Joe Salazar Salazar is a 10-time all-around world champion, a three gold medalist in the 200-meter freestyle and a four time world record holder, and the only person to win four consecutive world titles in the 400-meter free and 10-meter hurdles.


Kyle Leshoure Kyle Leseh is the former head of the U.K. Track and Field team and a twotime Olympic silver medalist.


Ryan Hall Ryan Hall is a six-time national champion and the current American record-holder in the marathon.


David Nolen David Nolens is the U-17 and U-20 world champion at the U19 World Championships, and has competed at the world championships, and at the Olympic Games.

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