Puppy hot spot is an area where your puppy has a fever, is vomiting, or has diarrhea.

The temperature will increase in this area.

Puppies have a much better chance of getting diarrhea if they have a fever.

To help protect your puppy from hot spot, wash your hands after touching your dog, use a cloth to wipe off the puppy, and get him or her to sit or lie down.

Wash your hands often and use a cold compress to compress the puppy’s diarrhea.

Also, use an absorbent blanket if your puppy is a little bit cold or you can’t keep the temperature in check.

To protect your dog from hot spots, try to keep the dog indoors.

You can use a thermostat to turn the temperature down in the home or at the vet clinic.

To keep your pup from getting cold or fever, treat him or take him to the vet office.

The doctor will prescribe a treatment that will prevent hot spots.

The best way to keep a puppy warm is to give him food, water, and a warm bath.

You may also have to give the puppy a water bottle and warm compress to help keep the puppy warm.

If you have a puppy that is sick or needs to be taken to the doctor, your vet can give you a vaccination.

If the puppy gets sick or is not taking the vaccine, your dog could get colds or even a respiratory infection.

You also may need to take your puppy to the veterinary clinic if your pup has an ear infection.

If your puppy gets a cold or a respiratory illness, the vet can help you with a treatment.

If puppies are sick or need to be hospitalized, the veterinarian can help with a vaccination or make sure your puppy can be put down.

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