The sun has been scorching hot and the air has been boiling hot in the Himalayas.

And the latest numbers from the United States National Weather Service suggest that there’s still time to avoid any sunburns or other sunburn-related injuries.

According to the weather service, the sunspot number in the United State fell to 2,639 from 3,898 yesterday.

In other words, the number of sunspots in the contiguous United States fell by more than 9 percent yesterday.

While there were fewer sunspot-related accidents, there were also more sunburn injuries, which were down significantly from last week’s record high.

“It is too soon to call it a day for sunburn prevention, especially as we continue to experience record heat and dry weather conditions across the U.S.,” said NOAA Meteorologist David Zillmer.

“Sunburn is still a very real risk in this country, and more and more people are becoming aware of the risks that it presents.”

The sunspot count for the entire U. S. fell by just over a third of last week.

The sun spot number for the contiguous U.K. also dropped by almost 1 percent.

In Australia, there was a slight rise in the number, as did the number in South Africa.

In Japan, there’s no change, but the number for South Korea fell by nearly 6 percent.

It was a bit more dramatic in Europe, where there were less sunspott injuries than in North America.

In Canada, there weren’t any sunspotted injuries in any of the big cities.

But in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton, there have been at least seven sunspotes in just the past week.

“A small number of people are still going to get sunburn and that’s fine,” said Zillner.

“But we have to be prepared to have a small number in those locations.

That’s just what happens when you have a large population of people.

The number of injuries we’ve had this week is not enough to offset the impact of the very small number that are going to occur.”

But while the sun is expected to be shining again today, Zilller cautioned that the sun could still be hot and potentially dangerous for the next few days.

Weather forecasters at the weather office in Anchorage, Alaska, say that the risk of sun burn will be “very low” for a few more hours today.

“We’re anticipating it’s going to be pretty hot for the rest of the day,” said Jeff Gudas, the weather bureau’s meteorologist in Anchorage.

“There’s probably going to only be a small amount of sunburnt area over the whole area today.”

He added that the heat index is going to stay relatively low today, “at least for the people that are outside of Anchorage.”

In addition, Gudias said that the area of sun that’s been shining is “very sparse.”

But as of now, the region is “quite sunny” and the temperature is “not going to rise to the 90s and 100s,” he said.

So, for now, it’s “a little bit colder and it’s a little bit warmer,” he added.

“So, that’s good.

We’re probably not going to have the same number of deaths as last week.”

But he added that he’s optimistic that things will be okay.

“I don’t think it’s too late to do something about it,” he told NBC News.

“This is a global weather system, and there are a lot of things that are happening around the world that are affecting weather all over the world.

So it’s hard to predict.”

Weather forecast modelers say that while sunburn is the biggest risk right now, “sunburn injuries are probably not as severe as the weather experts have been predicting.”

That’s because the sun doesn’t make the weather as hot and dry as we expect it to be, and the cold air is actually more comfortable for people to wear sunscreen, according to the Weather Forecasters Association.

“For us to see significant injuries that we’re talking about as we speak, we’re looking at maybe a few days or two days of a very dry, heat wave, where we’ve been expecting it to get hotter,” Gudes said.

The Weather Forecaster Association says that for the first time, there are two sunspote-related deaths every day, in addition to the five sunspot-related fatalities on Monday.

The association’s report on the numbers is available at: The SunSpot report also gives us an idea of how much sunburn there is in the U-S.

This is the first year that the US has officially released the sunspoting data for the U, and Ziller said that, despite the recent record

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