Italy is the hot spot for travel in the world.

It has been dubbed the second-most popular destination in the European Union after the United Kingdom.

Yet there is one area where the country’s reputation as a hotbed for crime has not been as well-deserved: the city of Naples.

Naples has long been the scene of high-profile violence and, according to the Italian government, its police force has had more murders than all other police forces combined.

It’s a fact that has put Naples, once a haven for artists and designers, on the front lines of the war on drugs.

Naples is a hub of crime in the heart of Italy, with the city’s famous “Ponte della Libertad” (Liberty Square) and the city center’s notorious “Piazza della Sera” (Temple of Sera) both a crime hotspot.

The city has a population of nearly 300,000, and has been home to a large number of famous artists, musicians and other creative types.

Many of them are well-known for their creativity and are known to have a hard time finding a job.

But a number of local musicians are now getting the message that the city needs to be more welcoming to the arts, and so are opening up more spaces for the creative class.

And while there have been protests against the government’s crackdown on the creative community, the city is slowly starting to see some of the changes in its image that many were expecting.

The first place to see an increase in the number of tourists in the past two years has been the popular seaside resort of Villa d’Agostino, a popular seashell spot.

But in 2017, the area’s tourism reached a record high, and many local residents were angered by the increased security measures put in place after the 2016 attacks in France.

In response, local authorities have decided to temporarily close the resort in order to make way for a new building to replace the old one.

There are now signs posted on the walls that say “No tourists, no tourism, no violence.”

However, not everyone is happy with the new security measures, especially given that the old Villa d`Agostinos is currently closed, and there have also been protests over the new construction.

“We are witnessing the worst form of vandalism, the use of force and murder to get a foothold in our society,” said Giuseppe Mariani, the local police chief, during a news conference on April 30.

“There are no safe places for tourists to be,” he said.

The government has announced that it will hold a summit to discuss the issue, but some local residents are worried that it won’t be enough.

“This is the most important event we have been seeing in Naples for many years,” Mariani said.

“The police and the national security forces have no plan to protect us.

It is not like they are making a decision based on our safety, it’s based on the fear of violence.”

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