On a per-person basis, Sydney’s $13,200 hot spot in the CBD has the cheapest prices in Australia.

The most expensive is Melbourne’s $16,200, but the average Sydney ticket is about $1350.

There’s also a Sydney-centric restaurant in Perth’s north-west, with a $15,000 per-adult per-night fee, and the priciest is Brisbane’s $18,000 hot spot on Brisbane’s north coast.

Perth has the second-highest per-day cost, at $22,000.

Adelaide’s hot spots are the cheapest of the three, with the average Adelaide ticket at $1650.

The cheapest per-capita Perth ticket is $2,500.

Sydney’s most expensive hot spot is Perth’s CBD, with an average ticket of $1850.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones Aperitif Perth’s hot-spot per-user is the cheapest in Australia, at about $2 per person.

Perth’s most popular dish is steak, with $5.90 per person, while the cheapest is chicken and pork, with about $1.30.

Melbourne’s cheapest per capita steak is the pork sandwich, with just $1 per person and a per person average of $8.

The priciest dish is the steak sandwich, which costs $7.30 per person on average, followed by pork sandwich ($7.60), chicken and chicken and bacon ($7), and the barbecue sandwich ($6.90).

Melbourne’s most famous restaurant is the Melbourne restaurant La Fonda, which has a per capita cost of $12.50.

Adelaide has a hot spot for steak, as does Sydney’s.

Photo/Google Maps Perth’s per capita hot spot cost is the lowest in Australia at $3.70 per person per day, followed closely by Sydney’s per person cost of about $6.20 per person a day.

Melbourne is Australia’s most crowded city, with more than 400 people crammed into a single block in the centre of town.

The average price of a ticket at the Melbourne’s premier eatery La Fondas is $9.40 per person for the average meal.

Melbourne has the lowest per-capsita cost of all of Australia, which is $6,000, followed only by Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Perth is Australias most popular hot spot.

Photo by Justin McManus.

Adelaide is Australia s most popular city, and it has the most people per capita in Australia: just over 1,000 people per day.

Its per capita costs are $6 per person in Melbourne, $3 per person at the Brisbane-Melbourne, $5 per person around Sydney, and $3, or about $3 a person at La Fondeas.

Sydney has a very similar per-population cost, with roughly the same number of people per square metre in Adelaide.

Perth can be a great hot spot if you’re not a vegetarian, but if you do, it’s only about $4 per person from La Fonds steak and chicken sandwiches.

Melbourne can be the most popular in Australia for vegetarians.

Photo courtesy of the ABC.

Melbourne-based food critic John Lee told the ABC that the hot spots of Perth and Adelaide are different, but that Melbourne’s can be more expensive.

“I think the fact that they are in the south east of Australia and Melbourne is in the north east is the reason that they can be so expensive,” he said.

“In Perth, you can have a steak, and in Melbourne it’s pork and chicken.”

He said the cheaper prices in Melbourne meant there was more choice for Australians who wanted to eat more expensive food.

“It means you have to have more choice when it comes to what you’re buying,” he explained.

“If you’re a vegetarian and you don’t like steak, you’ll be a bit more conscious about what you want and you’re going to get a steak.”

He also said it was important to note the difference between the hot spot prices and the prices of other hot spots around Australia.

“Hot spots are really a way of getting people to go to restaurants,” he told the BBC.

But Mr Lee also said that the low-cost hot spots like Perth’s were not necessarily cheap. “

And that’s what I think that’s been lost in the debate, because there’s been a huge amount of focus on the per-per-person prices of the restaurants.”

But Mr Lee also said that the low-cost hot spots like Perth’s were not necessarily cheap.

“You have to be mindful of the food costs, because you can’t just go to a restaurant for the price of your meal,” he noted.

“When you’re eating at a high-end restaurant like a Michelin-starred restaurant, the chef can probably do a lot more than just cook up a steak and a side of fries

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