We’re on a fast track to the end of summer and we’re ready to hit the road. 

We’ve got a bunch of new features and a new system in place for developers, so if you’re building an app that requires you to download and install a bunch to be able to use it, you’re going to want to start now.

What you’ll need to do in order to get started:Step 1.

Download the Google Play Developer Program NowGo to Google Play and click on Developer Program to see all the new features Google is introducing this summer.

There’s a lot going on here and we recommend you check out the official developer guide to see what’s new in this year’s Google Play program.

Step 2.

Install the Google Developer Toolkit NowYou can download the Google Dev Toolkit from the Google Store or the Google Appstore, whichever you prefer.

We highly recommend using the Google Web Toolkit, which is free.

Step 3.

Download and install the Google Drive API NowTo access the GoogleDrive API you’ll first need to create an account with Google.

Go to Google.com/account and log in.

Step 4.

Install Google Drive NowGo into the Google drive application on your device.

Go into the Developer Tools and click the “Add a new device” button.

Step 5.

Add a new Drive accountStep 6.

Choose the Drive account you createdStep 7.

Click Create new DriveStep 8.

Create a new Google Drive account (select the appropriate device)Step 9.

Enter a name and emailStep 10.

Click on the Create buttonStep 11.

Enter your Google Drive usernameStep 12.

Enter the Drive passwordStep 13.

Enter “Developer API Key”Step 14.

Click AddTo start using the new Google drive API, you’ll have to sign in and select the appropriate Drive account.

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