If you’ve ever had a burger at a hot-spot restaurant, chances are you’ve tried the burger with fries.

It’s a quick and easy way to eat hot spots burgers and fries in one sitting.

Here are the steps.

Step 1.

Prepare the burger.

You want your burger to be crisp, and not mushy.

This is because it is hot, so the fries will have to soak up all the moisture.

To get the best fries, cut them thin, but don’t cut them too thin.

The thinner you cut them, the more fries you’ll get, but you’ll still get the same quality.

Step 2.

Slice the hot spot fries.

You’ll need to use a sharp knife or a fork to cut the fries.

Cut them into bite-sized pieces.

You may have to use more than one fork to make the burger fit.

Step 3.

Heat up your grill.

You can also put the burger on a grill with some oil or grill spray.

You should get a nice, hot patty with no holes in it.

Step 4.

Add the toppings.

You will want to add some cheese, some sour cream, some pickles and some lettuce.

Step 5.

Place the burger and fries on a platter.

You don’t have to wait for the burgers to cool completely before you eat.

You could even wait until the burgers are warmed up in the grill.

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