Virat Mahindra Cricket Association (VMCA) president Nagesh Agarwal has claimed the second innings of the second-Test of the T20 Blast between India and England in the Ranvi Trophy match between Chennai and Bengaluru on Wednesday was a “big hit”.

In the 2-1 defeat for Bengaluru, Virat’s batsmen took the series 1-0 in the opening day of the tournament.

But after their match in the first innings, VMCA president Agarwala had said Virat was playing “really well” and “we are going to keep on winning”.

In his post-match speech, Agarwa said Virata played a really good innings on Wednesday.

He said he was happy about the way the bowlers played and the way Virat and his bowlers batted.

Agarwas speech was followed by a long silence and silence was interrupted by a loud bang, Agarsh said.

Agari, who took over as president of VMCAs board in May, was speaking to reporters after the match.

“The bowlers of Virat were bowling really well, I think that was a big hit,” Agarwar said.

“Virat is playing really well.

We are going on winning the match.”

Agarwal, who was a part of the squad for the Champions Trophy, was not at the ground during the match and did not make any comments.

In his opening innings, Virata hit a whopping 8.19 with only one wicket.

The bowlers had played well and hit several sixes to take the match to an end.

The second innings was even better for Virat as they were bowled out for 4-5 and then India’s batsman hit a stumping six to take India to a win.

Virata, who has played well since returning to the national side following the World Cup, had already started bowling the last two innings with three wickets to spare.

In the first half, Virati had to bowl to find his way back to the field after Virat had hit a one-man show.

He had gone on to bowl four straight sixes in the closing stages of the innings.

The bowler is now back on the field but will be without the services of Virats leading spin bowler Ajinkya Rahane who has been suspended for a month.

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