Posted July 18, 2019 07:14:48If you have a dog that’s been bitten by a toothbrush or a dental floss or is chewing on something that looks like a tooth, you’re not alone.

A number of dog owners are seeing their pets chewing on their nails, and they’re worried their teeth are starting to fall out.

They’re worried the bite could cause dental damage, and their dogs may end up with a denton or an infection that will prevent them from chewing on the ground.

The damage is not just limited to the toothbrush, either.

The Dentist and Veterinarian Association of New South Wales (DVSA) has been calling for the public to be more vigilant about catching these types of injuries.DVsa CEO Mark Dye says dental flippers and toothbrushes are becoming a major problem, especially in areas where dogs have not been vaccinated.

He says most people don’t realise they can be dangerous to dogs, particularly if they are not vaccinated.

“Dental flippers are not a new problem, they have been around for quite a while.”

But I think we’ve now seen the consequences of people not vaccinating their dogs and they are starting the problem of dental flipper injuries.

“Dye says he hopes people will get a grip on what they’re doing to their pets.”

You don’t want to be giving your pet a treat, you don’t need to be getting a treat.

“So it’s good to remind people of what they are doing to them and take them to the vet.”

Dog bites on the roadThe Victorian Government says dogs can be left unattended on the roads for long periods of time.

It’s also important to vaccinate your dog to protect it from getting dental problems, but if your dog has a dental problem, you may want to get it checked out yourself.

You can contact DVSA’s Veterinary Service Hotline on 1800 727 832.

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