It’s no secret that Hoboken has a pet problem.

With a high number of stray cats and a population of more than 40,000, the city’s stray cats have become the focus of local officials and activists who are working to address the issue.

But the city is not the only one to face the issue, and there are many other municipalities around the country that have had similar issues with cats.

In fact, Hoboken, New Jersey has more stray cats than any other city in the country.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re in the right place to protect your pet.


Hoboken residents have a pet population that’s larger than any city in New Jersey.

While it’s true that Hobos have been known to take pets into the city, the majority of the citys stray cats are located in the neighborhoods surrounding the city.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported that over the past five years, Hobos in the city have taken in more than 200,000 stray cats.

A report released by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services shows that the city has a stray population of about 10,000 cats.

And the city only has about 2,400 dogs, according to a study published by the Hoboken City Council.


A small number of pets are actually housed in shelters.

The majority of stray pets are in shelters that are managed by nonprofit organizations like The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The HSUS operates shelters that house more than 400,000 dogs and cats.


Most of the shelters have “battery homes,” which are a large, enclosed area where cats are fed, bathed and groomed.

The HSus says most of its shelters are housed in two-story structures with large windows that overlook streetlights and have no electricity.


There are also more than 100 animal rescue organizations across the country working to rescue stray animals.

There’s one of the biggest cat rescue organizations in the world, the Animal Welfare League, which has rescued about 80,000 animals.


The city is the only municipality in New York state that has a sanctuary for stray cats, the Hobson Animal Shelter.

It’s located at 628 West 24th Street in Hobos downtown district.


The Hoboken Animal Shelter is home to a large group of stray kittens and puppies.

Many of the cats and kittens have been adopted from shelters around the state.

The shelter also offers pet adoption services, which are also available through shelters in other New Jersey municipalities.


There is a pet rescue center in Hobo that can help with the rescue of stray animals in need.

The center is located at 2 Hoboken Way in Hobokos downtown area.


While the city of Hoboken does have a few pet stores, they are only for cats and dogs.

There aren’t any pet stores in the area.


Hobos residents are not allowed to bring their pets inside.

According to the city council, the shelter will have cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals brought in for the shelter’s pet adoption.


There have been some issues with stray cats being returned to their owners.

While Hobos police department has been working to prevent stray cats from being returned, it’s not always easy.

It seems that most of the stray cats that have been found are being returned for euthanasia.


Pets are still being shot in Hoboes neighborhoods.

According a report by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Hobo has a total of five reported incidents of pet gunfire in the past three years.


The City of Hobo is the first municipality in the state to enact a shelter for stray pets.

However, the Humane Society says that the shelter has only been in operation for two years.


There has been some controversy surrounding the City of New Jersey’s pet law.

The Humane League of New York City says that there have been no reports of stray dogs being shot or killed in Hobozes neighborhoods.


Some municipalities around New Jersey have been experimenting with more humane methods of pet care.

According the Humane League, there are at least nine municipalities around Hoboken that have tried different approaches to pet care, including microchipping, vaccination and microchips for stray dogs.

The animal shelter at the Hobo Animal Shelter will also be offering vaccinations to residents.


Many residents are taking to the streets to protest the citywide dog ban.

The local Humane Society has received thousands of emails and letters from residents who have spoken out about the ban.


Hobo’s homeless population is also on the rise.

According as the New York Daily News, there have already been 1,100 incidents of dogs being attacked and killed since the ban went into effect on April 5.


The homeless population in Hoboing is up, too.

The number of homeless people in Hoboo has increased by more than 5,000 since the pet ban went

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