The top spot on our list is the Russian city of St. Petersburg, which has a population of about 300,000.

The Russian capital is also home to several hot spots.

According to the International Hot Spot Database, St. Peters is the world’s third-most-hot spot.

Its top spot is in Moscow, the Russian capital, with a population estimated at more than 200,000 people.

It is also known as Russia’s capital, or Russia.

The U.S. is second in the list, with the capital of Austin at number 11.

The next hot spot is Tokyo, Japan, which is home to about 40,000 residents.

Tokyo has the fifth-most hot spots per capita in the U.K., and fourth-most in the United States.

The most hot spots in Australia are in Perth, with Melbourne at number 19.

Australia’s third most-hot spots are in Brisbane and Hobart, and fourth is in Adelaide, which according to the data is home with an estimated population of more than 25,000, and which has the third-highest number of hot spots among the 100 most populous countries in the World.

Australia has five hot spots with a combined population of over 100,000—the United States has four—while Russia has two hot spots (Moscow and St. Paul).

The other five countries with the most hot spot populations are India, which had four in 2014, and Russia with one, which was last year.

The United States is the only country in the top 10 with less than 10 hot spots each.

The 10 hottest spots in the country include three in New York City, three in Los Angeles, one each in Dallas and New Orleans, and one each on the South Coast of Florida and on the East Coast of the U

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