Hot spots in Denmark have become a favorite destination for foreign visitors, who flock here in search of the best seafood on offer.

But it’s not just the quality of the food that makes the country famous.

There’s also the atmosphere.

“Denmark is not an ordinary country,” says Anna Kamm, who works for the International Hot Spot Association.

“Its a place you can have a real, authentic Danish experience.”

One of her favourite spots is the one in Møllerhuset, a town in southwest Denmark, where the hot spot is known as a place to come when the weather is hot.

There are lots of outdoor restaurants that serve up the very best seafood, with many of them open to the public during the summer months.

For a couple of weeks in May, the weather can get hot in Möllerhusets summer market, and the only restaurant open is for lunch.

In winter, it can be a very chilly day in the city, but the best hot spot for dinner is the Møllers’ market in Merskøy, the city’s biggest shopping district.

It’s also one of the biggest hot spot in Denmark, and its seafood is usually on sale.

There is a lot of variety.

There can be fish sold as halibut, mussels, snapper, swordfish, tuna and more.

The fish is usually sold fresh, so it’s always a lot cheaper than buying it from the supermarket.

“I love it here,” says Sigrid Værtland, a 22-year-old university student.

She works in the supermarket, and when she’s shopping, she goes to the hot spots all the time.

It is a good experience for her, she says.

“It’s a good way to relax and have a good time.”

In Møllernhuset in southwestern Denmark, the best place to find a hot spot are in the Mollerhuset supermarket, which sells everything from crab meat to trout.

“There’s always something new,” says Anne Eriksen, a 20-year old who works in an office.

“Sometimes we get to buy fish from a different store, but it’s a nice place.”

The hot spots are popular with tourists because of their great seafood and delicious food.

“The hot spots have a lot in common,” says Vætland.

“Everyone wants to come here to eat and see the fish.”

When she’s at the market, Erikser is always asking for the best cuts of fish.

“But they can be very expensive,” she says, adding that the best cut is the fish that has been caught fresh and then cooked with the skin removed.

“A lot of people get really excited about the quality,” she adds.

The local restaurant, Høggstøy in Moesø, is a hot spots favorite, because it has lots of fresh fish that is sold fresh every day.

“Every time I go there I always get some new fish,” says Eriksert, who usually has three different cuts of seafood.

“When I get it fresh, it’s usually sold for around 10 Danish kroner.”

Many hot spots cater to locals and foreigners.

“We serve traditional Danish food, and we’re also open to all kinds of people,” says Høggerstad, who has more than 100 customers a day.

Some of them are also interested in visiting the famous hot spots, like Mønster, which is a place where the most popular seafood is from.

“You can find a lot more local fish than the supermarket,” says Nils Høgner, the restaurant owner.

“At Mønnster, I get a lot from people who come from far-away places.”

Høgerstad is also famous for his seafood.

He opened the restaurant, Møønstøys Fish House, in 2013.

He has a huge selection of fish in the store.

He’s also open for lunch, but only when the market is open.

He even brings in some fish from the market himself, so that the locals can enjoy the fresh fish.

Hørgstøry is also known for its famous fish sandwich.

A typical sandwich of fresh cut trout and swordfish is served with smoked salmon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

“They are all great, because I know what the locals like and they like the fish,” Høberg says.

Mørten, in southern Denmark, is also one hot spot where the locals have the most access to the best fish.

There you can find many of the local cuts of wild-caught fish.

Many people come here for lunch at the Mörten fish market, where they can choose the best local cuts and buy the best ones.

“People come here on the weekends to buy local fish,” explains Hønsel, who also serves at the fish market.

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