Phoenix is a place where many people go to escape the heat and humidity of the Southwest.

But for many locals, there is something else they would love to do on a hot summer’s day.

They would like to eat at one of the many hot spots popping up across Phoenix.

The Arizona Republic has reported that Phoenix is home to several hot spot cafes, including one that’s serving breakfast and lunch for $7.99.

Hot spot cafes in Phoenix often offer a variety of delicious food options for patrons.

There are even hot spot bars offering lunch, dinner, and even an after-work snack.

Here’s a look at some of the hot spot restaurants in Phoenix:1.

Cucina Ocho , 2501 E. Broadway, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

(602) 539-1180.


Katsu Hot Spot , 730 N. University Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85013.

(623) 791-2700.

(, (602).(852) 534-9275.


The Cucinico , 833 E. Grand Ave., Tempe, AZ 85302.

(480) 527-2727.


Noodle House , 622 W. University, Tempe.

(837) 891-1220.


Nachos, 719 N. Lincoln Ave., Tucson, AZ 86201.

(520) 769-7171.


The Great Cucino, 901 E 5th Ave., Scottsdale, AZ.

(928) 678-0016.


Caffe Cucine, 912 W. Westlake Blvd., Scotton, AZ 85021.

Taco Tacos, 1531 N. Central Ave., Prescott, AZ 87223. “


Taco Tacos, 1531 N. Central Ave., Prescott, AZ 87223.

(479) 833-7000.

(”, “9.

Cesar, 827 E. 8th Ave, Phoenix.

(888) 784-3255.

(cesarpazino.blogspot, twitter:cesar_pazinazo).”10.

The Big Bite, 614 W. 11th Ave.

Phoenix, 5602-2490.


El Mocambo, 927 E 1st Ave, Scottsville, AZ 89654.

(575) 553-4500.(, Facebook page),”12.

El Ceviche, 3245 N. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 95225.

(600) 542-6200.


Follow me on Facebook: El Cefetele),”13.

El Toro, 1025 W. 14th St., Phoenix. 

(602) 696-0333.


The Dining Room, 615 N. Eastgate, Phoenix., Arizona 85205.

(559) 682-3300. 


The Red and White Grill, 945 E. 6th St. Phoenix.

It also offers a number of other menu options, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts. “

“The Red and Whites Grill is serving up a menu of tacos, burritos, and other Mexican dishes for $10.95.

It also offers a number of other menu options, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

“‘The Red And Whites Grill serves up the traditional Mexican style of tacos and burritas.

They also have a selection of other Mexican food, including a number with margaritas, chips, and beverages, including guacamole, ceviche and tamales.

‘”There is a full bar and dining area that also offers some good cocktails.

‘There is also a bar where you can enjoy a few drinks with some of their best margarita drinks.

 “‘The Dining Rooms is a great place for people to chill and have a nice time.

They are located in the heart of downtown Phoenix and have seating available at tables located along the walls and ceiling.”

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