The world’s hottest city is one of the few places in the world that you might be surprised to find the sun shining.

According to data from NASA, the city of Vancouver tops the list of hottest cities for June, which means that, in the past two weeks, Vancouver has seen more than half a degree Fahrenheit (0.6 degrees Celsius) of sun on average.

The temperature has been a bit more variable, with temperatures in Vancouver averaging 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius).

This is an unusually warm number for a city that has experienced a very cold winter, and it’s likely the result of the unusually low sea level pressure in the city.

The city also had its hottest June day in years.

In June 2015, Vancouver recorded its hottest day ever in the Northern Hemisphere, according to data compiled by Climate Central.

But the number of days that Vancouver has had the most hot days in a single year is less than 10.

The only other city that had more than 10 consecutive days with more than 100 degrees of sunshine was Miami, according the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Vancouver, a city of more than 30 million people, is located on Vancouver Island, just north of the North Shore.

While Vancouver is considered the most populous city in the Canadian province of British Columbia, the average monthly temperature in the region is about 0.1 degree Fahrenheit.

On average, the mercury varies between about 19 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

While temperatures in Canada are typically not unusually warm, it’s not unusual for them to be slightly below freezing at the height of summer.

So it’s possible that the high temperatures in June in Vancouver are due to the fact that, due to its location, it has a relatively low sea-level pressure.

But if the city were to be really cold, that would mean that there would be very few sea-levels around Vancouver.

That is the conclusion of a new paper in Nature Climate Change.

According the authors, the high temperature in June is due to a combination of both a strong and weak El Niño, which has occurred in the Pacific Ocean in recent years.

The strong El Niño tends to have a stronger effect on sea-surface temperatures, but this effect is less pronounced in the Atlantic.

In this case, El Niño could also be related to an unusually high amount of solar radiation, which is why temperatures are so hot in the summer.

It could also have to do with the cooling effect of an El Niño.

But what is an El Niño?

This is a term used to describe a climate event that occurs when the sun is very close to the Earth’s surface, which in turn causes a strong solar wind to push the air in front of the sun in the direction of the Earth.

The stronger the wind, the warmer it gets.

The more wind there is, the cooler the air gets.

This is the opposite of what we would expect from an El Nino, which would bring cooler air into the Pacific.

This El Niño was most likely the trigger for Vancouver’s high temperatures.

But that’s not the only explanation.

The paper also says that it’s very likely that there’s a lot more to this story than just a strong El Niño.

There are a lot of factors that are at play here, including a lot going on at the Pacific Northwest.

The strongest El Niño in recent memory is occurring in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

This region is responsible for about half of all the sea-ice that exists on Earth.

There’s also an unusually strong El Nido, which can be triggered by the presence of large amounts of water on the ocean floor.

The Pacific Ocean is a region that tends to be warmer than the rest of the planet, which creates a lot less pressure to push air into a particular region.

That makes the surface of the ocean warmer than it would otherwise be.

That heat can cause the air to expand, which makes the water around it more salty.

This causes the water to expand even more, and eventually, the water that is at the surface gets colder.

This leads to a warming of the water at the ocean surface.

When this process happens, it leads to temperatures that are hotter than the surface would otherwise have been, according an article on the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s website.

This can make it a bit difficult to tell when the heat is actually coming from the atmosphere, as the ocean is getting warmer, and not from the ocean itself.

If the ocean was a lot colder, for example, it could heat up much faster, which might cause the water on its surface to become a lot saltier.

There have been lots of reports about ocean temperatures that have been unusually warm or hot.

However, scientists have not been able to really pinpoint what’s causing them.

The authors of the new paper said that they hope to see more research on this subject in the coming years

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