The Brisbane CBD is known as one of the hottest areas in the world and it is home to some of the most iconic hot spots in the country.

Here are some of our favourite hot spots, according to Hot Spot Grill: Brisbane’s hot spot of choice is the South Brisbane area of the city.

It is known for its beautiful architecture and history, with the city’s skyline perched on the top of a hill.

This is also the place where the famous “Brisco” restaurant is located.

The restaurant has a unique history, as it is a location of the legendary “Bachelor of Hotel & Restaurant”, Jack London.

The other hot spots include the south-west, west, east and south-east Brisbane suburbs.

There are plenty of great BBQ spots in these areas, with many catering to the “big boys”.

The west Brisbane area is also famous for the amazing, vibrant city, and the popular BBQ spots around the city are known for their brisket, ribs, pulled pork, hot dog, barbecue and hamburger options.

In the east, the area is known to have a more relaxed attitude towards food and drink, with a wide variety of beers and spirits to choose from.

Bastards BBQ is a BBQ restaurant in the east-end of Brisbane that serves up a variety of dishes that include beef brisket sandwiches, fried chicken and pulled pork.

Pioneer BBQ is located in the west-end suburb of Wollongong and is known mainly for its BBQ.

This is a small, intimate BBQ restaurant located in an old Victorian home, which is the place for most of their famous BBQs.

It’s a popular place to visit for their BBQs, and has several hot spots.

There are plenty more great BBQ restaurants in Brisbane, and there is plenty of space for you to enjoy the best BBQs in the city!

Check out the Brisbane Hot Spot Guide.

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