In the past year, New York City has seen an explosion of new hot spots with more than 60% of New Yorkers admitting they have gone to a restaurant they can call their own.

Some have gone viral, others are small and local, and others are on a fast track to become national treasures.

Read more about hot spots: Hot spots are often places where you can find a good meal, but also places where a good deal of attention and attention is paid to taste and texture.

The new Hot Spot Guide from Yelp allows you to search for a hot spot and the type of food served.

This is a guide to all the hot spots on our list.

For example, I searched for New York hot spots.

Hot spot number three: New York steakhouse and cocktail bar When I was at my favorite restaurant in New York last month, I ordered a steak and a salad with caviar and champagne. 

I was surprised that my server made a point of calling me by my first name and my last name and not by the number or the city.

A lot of the places I’ve been to have names that are not as memorable.

They’re all short, but I’m a huge fan of the Manhattan steakhouse in particular, where the name of the restaurant is one of my favorites.

I’ve had the best steak and salad in Manhattan.

I love the lobster bisque.

It’s amazing.

But I’ve also had a couple of bad ones.

The caviar was really bad, but it wasn’t enough to turn me off.

And when I got home, I took a bite out of my steak. 

It was so bad that I thought, I’m going to call my wife and have her order the steak and the salad.

But I was not going to order that. 

And when my wife called, I said, I don’t know what to say.

She said, Oh, I have to order it. 

 But then she told me I can take my steak home. 

The place was really busy, and she got really upset.

And I went, Well, you know what?

I have a reservation for the steak.

It was actually a really good steak.

I was like, I had a steak.

And then she says, Oh yeah, you have to bring it home with you.

I said OK, I’ll take it.

And when I walked out the door, I walked into my wife’s office.

Her phone is dead.

She is going, How did you find out?

I said I didn’t.

I have this horrible feeling that I’m getting this really good dinner at this steakhouse. 

Hot spots with a long waitlist are also common.

Restaurants will wait weeks or even months to serve you a table.

You can order as many as six meals a day and then they’ll hold on to your order for two days.

In New York, the waitlist is so long, you can’t order the same meal twice.

There’s a restaurant called L.A. in New Jersey, where waitlisters are in a long line for tables.

I’ve never had a reservation there, but they have the most popular dinner there, the lobster-lobster bisque, with a good wine list. 

Hot spot #4: Brooklyn steakhouse When we were at the Brooklyn steak house, the servers told us that we would be getting the steak a few hours before the restaurant opened. 

They said, We’re going to start serving you at 5:30.

We’re also expecting to serve two plates of fish and a few appetizers. 

When I saw the restaurant’s name on the menu, I was really excited. 

My husband and I ordered the salmon tartare. 

That’s a great combination of steak and fish.

It comes with a lobster bisques, so it’s a really nice dish. 

But the fish was really, really, bad.

After the meal, we ordered a second plate of fish. 

“Oh my God, I hate this fish,” my husband said. 

We ordered a third plate of the same dish.

It came with a plate of fries, but the fries were so bad, it was almost like they were dipped in vinegar. 

After I asked for my husband’s name, he said, My name is Michael, and I can’t even get my name in there.

So I can see why this steak is so hard to order.

It’s not even a steak, it’s just a piece of fried fish.

Our server said, So that’s why you want a steak? 

I asked, Well my name is Rachel.

I can get my husband to order the lobster sandwich. 

Her name is Jennifer.

It makes me sad. 

There are some places that are open 24/7

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