Hot spots for the virus are popping up in a number of parts of the world, according to a report from Global Health.

It found that some of the countries with the most Zika-related problems are in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

In some parts of Africa, where the virus has hit hard, it is still unclear how many people have been infected.

While there have been more than 40 confirmed cases in Brazil, there are still several thousand cases in the country.

The report also found that more than 2.5 million people have tested positive for the disease, up from 1.5 billion last year.

“We expect that the number of new cases will increase and the number detected will also increase,” said Dr. Michael Pfleger, a member of the WHO’s Zika virus task force, at a press briefing in Geneva on Friday.

In the Americas, Brazil has had the most cases, with 6,822 reported cases, followed by Argentina with 2,749, Mexico with 2.4 million cases, and Colombia with 1.7 million.

The WHO’s latest update on the Zika outbreak in the Americas said that there is still no vaccine for the Zika virus.

In other regions, the report found that many countries have not had any cases of the disease since it started appearing in the region more than a year ago.

In Guatemala, the country with the highest number of confirmed cases, the virus is still relatively unknown.

In addition to Guatemala, Brazil and the U.S. are also home to the most people who are infected with Zika, the WHO said.

While more people are getting tested for the new virus, the number who test positive for it is decreasing.

The new WHO report also highlighted the need for better surveillance in certain parts of Latin America and Africa.

In parts of South America, Brazil is also experiencing a lot of cases.

However, there is currently no virus to track down and the country is not at a stage yet where there is a clear pattern of transmission, Dr. Pfle, the head of the virus task team, said.

“The number of cases we are seeing is not enough to be able to say that we have all the information we need to identify all the countries where we see the highest levels of infections,” he said.

The researchers also highlighted some of Brazil’s worst hotspots, including Rio de Janeiro, which is experiencing a massive influx of new arrivals.

There are currently at least 1,200 new cases in Rio de Paulo, where many of the new cases are from Brazil.

The city of Sao Paulo has also been the site of a major outbreak, with at least 13,000 new cases reported.

There is also a significant increase in cases in Guarulhos, with more than 100 cases reported in the area.

The Zika virus has caused major concerns for the region, as many countries, including Brazil, have seen some of their populations move abroad.

A recent study in the journal Nature reported that the region’s Zika cases are on the rise and are now exceeding the number reported by Brazil.

That study also found the number is expected to reach 1.6 million cases by the end of the year.

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