HONOLULU — Hawaii has a new way of making money.

The state has officially become the “hot spot” for all things hot spots.

As of this month, the state’s government has decided to designate three parks for every 100,000 residents, with one being the state-owned park on Maui.

The parks are located in the City of Hawaii, in the Maui National Wildlife Refuge, and on Oahu.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has put together a map showing the location of each park and where each park has been designated.

Hannah McNeil, director of DLNR’s hot spot program, says parks are a great way to get people to stop by the parks.

“They can spend a couple hours in one place and have a great time,” she said.

“They don’t have to worry about going to the park and paying for parking.

You can go in and spend a little bit of time in one park and enjoy the nature.

It’s a fun way to spend some time in the city.”

While it’s not the most popular location, the parks do have a certain appeal, especially for visitors from outside of Hawaii.

The parks are mostly located on the Hawaiian Islands, but they also have a small section in the state of Hawaii that is designated for visitors.

According to DLNR, the area is home to the largest collection of endangered species of birds and bats.

The park area is also home to two other sites, the Maua National Wildlife Reserve, and the Mauae National Marine Refuge.

“We’ve worked hard to try to get the most value from the parks, and this has helped us make it a little more affordable for people,” McNeil said.

“Hot spots are great because they bring people in, they bring businesses to the area and they help them stay connected to the places where they’re going to visit.”

The parks have been designated by DLNR as hot spots since 2016.

They can be found in the following locations:The parks on Okeanoski Bay, near the popular hot spot of Kaipo Beach, in Oahu’s Big Island.

The park also has a small collection of sea otters in the area.

The Otter Island Park on Kailua Island, also in O’ahu’s Kailau Bay.

The National Marine Sanctuary Park in Kailuanu, about 25 miles north of O’au, the island’s capital.

And on Maua.

The Kahalu Park in Kahala, about 20 miles north, and O’aehuu Park, about 45 miles south of Oahu, the capital of the Kona Islands.

All three parks have a designated parking area of at least 10,000 square feet and each has a different design.

The three parks are:The park areas are designated by the DLNR through a process called Priority Projects.

The designated areas are then given a number and a designated price.

That number is then determined by the park service and the parks management.

The designated parking areas in Okeano Beach are currently the only parks with a designated rate.

The other parks with designated rates are:There are two more parks that are designated for special events, including the annual Big Island Carnival, which is held on the island of Okeana each March.

The Big Island Parade is also held each March on O’oheha, which has a designated park for it.

The Big Island Cruise, a free boat cruise, takes place in Odehu, the designated park of the Big Island and the most visited destination on Odeahu.

It is also the site of a number of other special events including the Big Hawaiian Music Festival, Big Hawaiian Dance Festival and Big Hawaiian Holiday Festival.DLNR has also designated three designated hot spots for hot spot paint, which includes hot spot pools, hot spot restaurants, and hot spot stores.

Those locations have been set aside for special event use, including weddings, birthday parties, parties, corporate functions, sporting events, special events and other events.

According to DL NR, all three parks can also be visited on a day-to-day basis.

DLNR encourages people to come to their designated areas and spend some quality time in nature.

“This is really about the people coming into the parks and having fun,” McNeill said.

Hawaii’s parks and the designated hot spot are open for public use until Dec. 16.

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