In the last three weeks of October, Canberra has experienced some of the worst flooding in Australia.

As of Saturday, more than 400mm of rain has fallen in the capital, with more than 3,000 homes under threat.

A number of rivers have been closed and floodwaters in the CBD have reached more than 100mm.

But with the number of people still affected, Canberra’s residents are now faced with the biggest challenge of their lives.

Here’s what we know.

What are the main flooding hotspots?

Towns like Bunbury and the suburbs of Adelaide have been hit hard by the heavy rainfall, but some are less fortunate.

In the city’s CBD, the highest rainfall in recent weeks was in the morning, with rain reaching more than 300mm.

Some of the areas that have been hardest hit are Bunbury, Bunbury East, Dunstan and the River Valley, which is also a hotspot for flooding.

The city’s river, Bunney, was the second-most flooded area in the country in the past three weeks.

As a result of the heavy rain, Bunty is still underwater.

Residents were advised to avoid Bunty on Sunday.

The Bunbury River flows in Bunbury.

Towns like the Bunbury Valley are experiencing flooding from heavy rain.

(Supplied: ABC News) What’s happening at Bunbury?

The Bunty River flows at Bunty, a popular tourist destination in the Bunty Valley.

The water level at Bunky is currently more than 1m higher than normal, with the water level rising to more than 8m by Sunday.

According to the Water Protection Authority, Buny’s water levels have risen by more than a metre in just a few days.

Bunty has also been hit by torrential rain.

In one incident, water levels at Bunyan’s main river, the Bunyan River, rose by more a metre than the city was expecting.

Floodwaters in Bunyan caused the river to overflow, and many of Bunyan Valley’s homes were forced to evacuate.

Bunyan was also hit by flooding, with some residents forced to abandon their homes.

How can we help?

Residents of Bunbury can help in many ways, with assistance including: getting water pumps and other emergency supplies to the community

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