The world’s most popular canine hot spot has a dog population of more than a million.

And its the most popular dog hot spot in the country.

The El Paso, Texas, suburb of El Paso is home to a total of more that 2,300 dogs, according to the city’s dog population census.

And the population is growing, according the mayor’s office, with about 7,000 dogs now in the city.

The population is also expanding.

The dog population grew by almost 15% in just the past two years.

The city’s Department of Animal Services (DAS) has found that the El Paso dogs have gotten to know each other.

The average length of time a dog stays at a shelter was 3.4 hours, according DAS.

But the average length a dog spends at the El, Paso shelter was more than five hours.DAS officials also found that people have gotten their dogs to live together more.

According to the DAS, dogs that stay together tend to spend more time together than dogs that don’t.DASH volunteers have also found the dogs are socializing more and spending less time at the shelter.

“They’ve been spending less at the shelters,” DASH volunteer Jessica Rios told the El Pueblo Daily News.

“It’s kind of the new norm for us.”

Dog owners in the El-Pueblo area also said they are enjoying the new breed of dog and are taking advantage of the shelter’s resources.

“I think people have been able to see dogs are here and they’re safe,” resident David LeBaron told the newspaper.

“We’ve also found it’s a little more friendly to have people come over and have a chat,” Rios said.

“We have the same amount of people that we did in the ’70s, and we’re a little bit less crowded.”

The El- Paso dogs are also being trained to perform in dog shows.

DAS officials say the training is continuing.

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