BERLIN – A new study shows that the number of hot spot cafes in the German capital is on the rise, with one coffee chain boasting an average of four per day.

The trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

In fact, according to the study by the Berlin Institute for Social Research, there are now around 30 hot spot cafés in Berlin, all of them owned by local residents.

They are located at various locations including a new coffee bar, a shop selling the best roasts, and a cafe selling premium roasts.

More than half of the cafés are located in the old city centre.

Hot spot cafes are known for their strong espresso drinks and the highly sought-after espresso drinks made with the beans of local farmers.

Some of the most popular coffee brands include Peroni, Café Espresso, La Bamba, and Gorgonzola.

One of the biggest factors that helped to create the hot spot cafe boom is the new generation of young professionals who are starting to make the transition to the job market.

“The young professionals are coming from all over the world, so it makes sense to get them together to create something,” said Daniel Bockstaedt, the head of the Berlin coffee chain Frappes Verlag.

Another factor that has boosted the coffee scene is the availability of fresh ingredients, including fresh-cut and organic coffee beans.

For example, one of the newest cafes, in a residential area of Kreuzberg, offers a selection of coffees such as a roaster-grade espresso made with organic beans, roasted on site and fresh roasted espresso.

And some of the best cafes are also located within walking distance of the city centre, such as Café Café, in the Old Town, and Cafe Coffee, in Neukölln.

As the hot spots become more popular, the demand for more coffee is expected.

On top of that, the cafes are attracting a wider variety of customers.

There are also increasing numbers of young people who are trying out coffee.

Berlin is one of Germany’s top coffee-growing cities and is home to around 30 coffee shops.

But the number is increasing by around 50% a year.

About 1,400 new coffee shops opened last year, while there are around 6,000 cafés.

Coffee shops can cater to a wide range of customers from young people to older people.

According to the Berlinist, the number in the past five years has risen by more than 500% compared to the same period in the previous decade.

Although the average daily number of cafes in Berlin has increased by 40% a decade, the study points out that this trend will likely continue in coming years, as young people move away from cafes and into coffee shops to spend time with their families and friends.

It also shows that there are no big bottlenecks in the demand of coffee in Berlin.

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