A hot spot, also known as a “hot” spot, is a specific area where a batsman can get out quickly and then find the crease and the seam, to take the bat.

The term comes from the cricketing term for a ball that travels very fast in the air, so it can be referred to as “fast”.

A hot-spot is usually a ball of some type that has a very short flight time.

It is not always obvious where a bat can get away from the ball.

Sometimes, it is just a very, very slow ball.

For example, in the Ashes series, Australia batsmen were bowling at their own pace on the first day and Australia were in front by 4-0 when Australia bowled a slow ball to England at the first over of the game.

That ball was bowled in the hot spot area, the boundary of which was marked with a dot.

Australia’s first ball of the day was a fast one.

England batsmen responded well and were batting at a higher pace than Australia.

In the second innings, England were bowled for a slower ball in the boundary area.

England were batting with a different batting line to Australia, but they were still batting well.

It was a good match.

The game started very poorly for Australia.

Australia had two men out, and they were struggling to get a few runs in the second session.

England batted at their usual pace and England got out to a very good start.

England’s batting was not very good and they had a lot of the ball in their hands, so the pressure was on.

But England’s bowlers got off to a great start.

They had a few fast deliveries, and England were very fortunate to bowl them well.

England had a very strong innings.

They were unbeaten for four hours and 46 minutes, and were able to bowl six fast balls.

They managed to make sure that they did not take much risk in their bowlings.

They got the ball to the boundary and bowled it with a quick, straight delivery.

England needed some quick deliveries, but Australia’s bowlings were a little more erratic.

The pace was good, and the deliveries were accurate, but the batting was a little bit erratic.

That was the problem with the first innings, which was that England’s bowling was a bit erratic and their batting was off.

Australia batted well throughout the second, and it was a strong innings for England.

But the next day, Australia got the better of England and won the match.

It did not have a very big impact on the series, but it was an important one for Australia, because they got to win the series for the first time.

In addition to winning the series in Australia, England was able to beat South Africa by one run in the final Test at home.

England was also able to win by two runs in a Test in England’s backyard in the first Test at Edgbaston.

They went on to win that series by six runs.

Australia has not won the series since.

Australia won the first two Tests of the series at home by a combined total of 15 runs.

But South Africa won the next two Tests by a total of 34 runs.

In Australia’s last two Tests, they beat Australia by six wickets.

The Test against New Zealand was a great victory for the All Blacks, as it was their first Test victory since 2008.

They also won the Test against England by two wickets in front of a crowd of almost 100,000 people.

It also marked the first test victory for Australia in over 25 years.

However, Australia’s series defeat to England in the series ended Australia’s hopes of winning a series.

South Africa had won the previous three Tests in South Africa.

They needed to win two more Tests against Australia to have any chance of winning the next series.

Australia will be hoping that they can win the next Test series against New England.

They will have to defeat New Zealand on the final day to clinch the series.

If Australia win that Test series, it will also be the final test for South Africa, and South Africa will be one of the last teams left standing in the competition.

The next Test against India will be the Test between two very different sides.

The sides that lost their last two Test series are India and Pakistan.

Both sides lost the Test series to England, so both sides have a chance of losing their last Test series.

But India won their last match of the competition, and India will have a much better chance of beating South Africa in their next match.

In fact, South Africa is the only team left standing with a chance to win it all.

The other teams that have a shot of winning this series will be Australia, Pakistan, England and South Australia.

The only way that India will win the first four Tests against Pakistan is if South Africa beat India in the next three Tests.

It will also depend on whether South Africa loses the last two tests to England.

If South Africa wins the next five Tests

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