Tectonics are like gravity but in space.

The Tectons, which form around the North American continent, pull the planet’s crust into place.

That means the continents aren’t completely rigid, but they’re much more likely to have a rough, uneven surface.

This unevenness is the key to the rocks we see today.

The planet is so close to the Earth that the Earth is about the size of a planet, about 30,000 miles away.

This is because the Earth’s atmosphere has a much higher density than the atmosphere of Mars, which is closer to the Sun.

This means that the planet will have much more of an atmosphere.

Tectonics create a lot of pressure on the planet, creating a lot more friction.

The pressure of this friction causes the rock to sink.

The rock that sinks is called an olivine plate.

When the pressure is high enough, the plates that form on top of the olivines slide down and sink, and the mantle becomes compressed.

Because the planet has so many plates, the Earth can hold a lot.

The more pressure, the more water there is in the mantle.

The Earth’s crust, which forms on top, is the one layer of rock that is compressed and is the most difficult to move.

When the Tritons pull the continents into place, they create a great bulge, called an oblate spheroid.

This bulge has an interior of magma and holds the continents together.

This bulge will be a big deal for the future of the planet.

In fact, when we look at the Earth today, it’s actually closer to a spheoid than a spherroid.

To understand the shape of the Earth, it helps to understand how the Earth formed.

Earth was formed from two massive bodies: the Earth and Mars.

The smaller of these two bodies, the Moon, formed about 2.4 billion years ago, and then the Moon and Earth collided, creating the Earth.

From then on, we had a big body of rock called the Earth which had the potential to have mountains.

But when the Earth got too big to build a mountain, it had to be split apart into smaller bodies.

These smaller bodies formed the Moon.

The Moon was the first planet to form from the collision of two large bodies.

Scientists are still trying to figure out what happened to the larger of the two bodies that formed the Earth when the Moon broke apart.

So how did the Moon form?

Earth’s Moon formed from the fragments of the Moon which broke apart when the giant Earth-Mars collision created the Earth at the same time as the Moon did.

It was the same way the Earth broke apart into small bodies as it was forming from smaller bodies that eventually formed the planet Earth.

Earth’s moon formed about 1.2 billion years after the Earth was formed.

That’s why the Moon is called the “Great Red Spot.”

How does the Earth form?

When Earth formed, the atmosphere was thinner and the oceans were thinner.

As the oceans became thinner, the pressure of the atmosphere and the ocean bottom caused the water in the oceans to boil, forming the crust.

The crust formed the continents.

How big is the Earth?

The Earth is around 6,700 miles (10,200 kilometers) across.

An average of 5,000 years ago (around the year 12,700 BC) the Earth took on a shape similar to the face of an island.

Since then, the earth has been getting smaller and smaller.

It now looks more like a big ball.

It’s a sign that the continents are starting to form.

Why does the earth look like a ball?

It’s because the planet started with a large ball of material in the center, and this material got pulled out of the center of the earth and into space.

These new continents are making the planet larger.

By the time the new continents formed, Earth was so close that it was closer to Earth than it is now.

What about the oceans?

When the Earth had oceans, the oceans formed from water vapor.

This water vapor was then trapped in the crust and turned into ice.

That ice was then pulled up by the continents, and these continents created the oceans.

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