The Most Terrifying Places to Be in Arizona

There are some places that are more terrifying than others.Here are some of the most horrifying hot spots in Arizona.1.Maricopa County, Arizona—Pine Creek Ranch in Pinal County, home to the popular Pinal Playa.The Maricottas were known for the extreme nature of their terrain, including the Pine Creek Ranch, where the area was known for its […]

When you need a discount to avoid the heat, check out the hottest spots in Calgary

There’s a reason people often refer to Calgary as “the hottest city in the world”.It has a lot going for it, with the largest city in Canada with the highest average annual temperature and lowest average annual precipitation.But it also has a steep cost.For some, Calgary’s high cost of living and limited options for travel […]

China fires missiles into disputed waters

China has fired dozens of missiles into a disputed area near the South China Sea, the latest sign of escalating tensions between Beijing and its neighbors.China’s Foreign Ministry said the military exercises were part of the country’s “anti-terror campaign”.The moves come as the United States and its allies in the region take a tougher line […]

Chevron to build a new $50bn refinery in Australia

Business Insider article Business News, Industry Australia, Chevron Australia, International Business Machines, Chevron, Chevron Group, Chevron Capital, Chevron Power, Chevron SA, Chevron Technologies, Chevron Canada, Chevron World Resources, Chevron UK, Chevron U.S., Chevron Australia source Business News article Business news article Chevron Oil & Gas is investing $50 billion in Australia, setting the stage for […]

How to identify hot spots in Canberra

A hot spot device that can detect the presence of large amounts of carbon dioxide can help identify the carbon dioxide concentration in the local environment, according to new research.The device, which is being developed by researchers at the Australian National University, can detect concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), CO2, methane, nitrogen dioxide (NOx) and […]

Why I’m back to the yoga mats

A yoga mat is an essential piece of your workout routine for two reasons: You need it to stay fit, and you need it for a better mood after a hard day of work.But the mats that you can find at gyms are often overpriced and overdesigned.Here’s why.Read more The good news is that there’s […]

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