Apple’s next iPhone will come with a premium design and the most powerful processor ever, but it will be the first iPhone with a more premium build.

In a new report from the Financial Times, we get a better idea of just how much Apple will spend on premium hardware and how many of the phones in the line will be made by Apple.

Apple is said to be aiming to have around 40 premium iPhones on the market by 2021, up from around 35 by 2020.

We already know Apple will be making about 30 iPhone X models and 20 of them will be from the same company, but this new report shows that Apple could be making between 50 and 70 iPhones, based on our estimates.

This is a great sign for Apple’s prospects and the iPhone X is expected to be a great phone.

Apple has been rumored to be making phones with higher-end specifications and features for years now, but now we can see the company making a few premium phones in addition to its more affordable iPhones.

We also know Apple has an extensive network of suppliers and is looking to make as many iPhone X phones as possible, so we expect the next iPhone to be available from a variety of suppliers, including Apple itself.

The iPhone X will be priced at $999 for the 16GB version and $1,099 for the 32GB version, but you can expect to pay around $1.4 million for each phone, which is almost the same price as the $1 billion iPhone 8.

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