Orlando, FL — Today marks the second annual Women’s International Hot Spot 2K21 and one year since the women’s team competed in the event.

The first installment of the event was held on March 10, 2016, and the first was held in October, 2016.

While the two events are different, both feature some of the best women’s basketball in the country, the Women’s National Team, and one of the most popular women’s events of the season.

Here are the top 5 women’s Hot Spot events from both events that took place during the year:1.

#ORLSTAGsWomen’s 2k 21 Tournament, March 10-11, 20191.

Women’s 2K 21 Tournament (Orlando, FL)The women’s 2x2k event was one of many that took part in the year.

The event included a tournament to determine which women’s national team players would represent their respective countries in the 2018 World Cup.

The tournament included the following participants:1st place – Abby Robinson (USA)2nd place – Brittany Ouellette (USA), 3rd place – Brooke Lee (USA, 4th place – Sarah McLean (USA))3rd place – Heather O’Reilly (USA)(6:00 PM, Fox Sports 1)4th place – Cara Blanchard (USA5th place, 7:00PM, FoxSports 1)6th place (6:30PM, ESPN2)7th place- Karina Kukura (USA8th place and 9th place)10th place(10:00AM, FoxSN, NBCSN)1.

WNBA Women’s Summer League, June 30, 20192.

WNBL Summer League Finals, July 13, 20193.

WCFB Women’s Championship, July 20, 20194.

Women in Basketball’s Spring League, August 10, 20195.

WBC Men’s Championship Summer League Championship, August 19, 20196.

Women of Basketball Women’s Classic, September 4, 20197.

WSOF Women’s World Championship, September 19, 20208.

WBA Women’s Ultimate Women’s Singles Tournament, September 26, 20209.

WCA Women’s Open Championship, October 2, 202010.

Women World Championship Women’s Division, October 5, 202011.

WOC Women’s Championships, October 7, 202012.

WJC Women’s Champions Classic, October 9, 202013.

WSL Women’s Tournament, October 10, 202014.

WTA Women’s Premier League, October 12, 202015.

WNC Women’s Elite Classic, November 4, 202016.

WAC Women’s Cup Final, November 6, 202017.

WPS Women’s Professional Women’s Club Championship, November 11, 202018.

WSU Women’s Soccer Championships, November 15, 202019.

WPG Women’s Basketball Elite, November 20, 202020.

WEC Women’s League Championship Game, December 5, 201921.

WCC Women’s College Classic, December 8, 201922.

WUW Women’s Women’s Senior Classic, January 10, 202123.

WMA Women’s Amateur Championship, January 18, 202124.

WVC Women’s Super Series, January 21, 202125.

WCHW Women, Women’s Wrestling Championship, February 6, 202126.

WUSA Women’s Pro-Am, February 7, 202127.

WSA Women’s WSO Fights, February 14, 202128.

WSHW Women Women’s Slammiversary Classic, February 22, 202129.

WIA Women’s Big Sky Conference Championships, March 7, 202230.

WBO Women’s Junior Open, March 8, 202231.

WBF Women’s NCAA Tournament, April 4, 202232.

WCT Women’s Outdoor Classic, April 11, 202233.

WGA Women’s Southern Open, April 12, 202234.

WGCW Women Championship, April 14, 202235.

WSI Women’s Indoor Open, May 3, 202236.

WIT Men’s Outdoor Championships, May 5, 202237.

WBU Men’s NCAA Championship, May 7, 201938.

WSWC Men’s Division I, May 9, 201939.

WSCW Women and Girls Open, June 1, 201940.

WNYW Men’s State Championship, June 7, 202641.

WSMU Women’s State Championships, June 9, 202742.

WUNI Women’s Independent Tournament, June 10, 202843.

WISB Women and Boys National Championship, December 10, 202244.

WFLA Men’s National Championship Tournament, December 12, 202945.

WFSB Women Division I National Championship Tour, December 14, 203146.

WOSU Women National Championship Event, December 17, 203247. WVSU Women

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