A new Astoria, New York, hot spot sprayed sulfur dioxide into the air to kill a new strain of mosquito that has been identified as a new threat to humans and wildlife.

The city announced Tuesday it is adding a new spray that contains sulfur dioxide, which is a disinfectant, to two other city hot spots: Astoria and Rockland.

AstroBounty, a company owned by Astoria Mayor Mark Eiseman, was contracted by the city to design and install the spray in Astoria.

It is a mixture of chemicals that is meant to kill the mosquito and control the spread of the disease, said Eisman, a former mayor who is now the city’s chief operating officer.

He said he has not yet seen the spray, which has not been released to the public, in person.

He said he had not yet received the spray and was awaiting a test report.

It is not clear what is causing the new strain, which emerged last summer, and Eismann did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the latest developments.

The new mosquitoes are emerging in cities around the country, including in Los Angeles, where a new outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus has been linked to a cluster of West Coast counties.

The new strain is not linked to the original strain that emerged last fall, but the strain is known to carry the coronavirus virus, which causes severe respiratory illness and has been blamed for outbreaks of the virus in other cities.

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