Detroit has the highest percentage of residents infected with the coronavirus, and its residents are suffering from the most severe flu strains in the country.

But its also the most economically and socially diverse city in the nation, according to the Census Bureau.

Here’s what you need to know about Michigan’s most infectious city.

1 of 9 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × How hot spots in Michigan are changing after a coronaviral outbreak View Photos In the weeks since coronaviruses were declared eliminated in all but three of the U.S. states, the country has been turning to warmer weather and warmer climates for summer, when the flu virus typically strikes.

In some places, including Detroit, temperatures have dropped to 50 degrees, but in other parts of the state, such as parts of western Michigan, it can be as high as 100 degrees.

And while the city has been in the spotlight this summer, its not the only hot spot in the state.

The city has also seen a surge in the number of people with influenza-like illness and death, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the past month alone, at least 13 people died of influenza-related complications, including 11 in Michigan and one in Michigan’s capital.

Some of those deaths were attributed to exposure to the coronamid, a virus that is normally only found in humans, but can cause severe illness and respiratory problems in animals.

That’s where the emergence of the virus in the U-M community came in, says Ann Marie Caspi, an epidemiologist and professor of infectious diseases at the university’s School of Public Health.

“We’ve seen this surge in coronavires in this city and it’s really been devastating for people and it has created a lot of concern,” she says.

“It’s also kind of the tipping point that has created the coronave.”

One of the first people to show symptoms was a woman named Joanna Smith, who was living in a home in the neighborhood.

“I had been coughing a lot and my cough was not really regular,” she recalls.

“But then the next day, I had a big, painful cough and I went into a complete breakdown.

I started to feel weak and tired.”

She was hospitalized and later died from pneumonia.

“And that’s when I knew that I had the flu,” she told ABC News.

The Centers for Diseases Control and the Centers of Disease Control-West region are not reporting any new cases of the flu.

But it’s still a dangerous and life-threatening pandemic.

“People are still going to get the flu, and they’re going to die from the flu and they can’t get it,” Caspo says.

The most common complications of the pandemic are pneumonia, a life-changing illness that can lead to death and infection.

Some people have died from respiratory complications caused by the virus, and those have been blamed on anaphylactic shock.

Other infections have occurred when people have become ill because of the illness.

But the biggest strain of the coronava virus that can cause death, called coronavire, has not yet been identified.

“The majority of coronavies that have been reported in this country have been from coronavuses that are not in Michigan,” Caffi says.

So, to get a better understanding of what’s going on, the CDC has launched a coronave research program called the Michigan Emerging and Existing Viruses Initiative.

This year, the organization has teamed up with the Michigan Health Access Collaborative, a consortium of researchers and doctors, to analyze data from the coronaves in more than 50 Michigan counties, and will work with Michigan State University to conduct additional analysis.

The CDC’s Dr. Eric Schuster is one of the researchers who will be involved in the research.

The collaboration is looking at how coronavirosts have been evolving, and how people are being exposed to them.

“You know, what we’re looking at are the coronavalves, and we are looking at the changes that they’re bringing,” Schuster says.

It’s a tricky task, because coronavillae don’t spread like other viruses.

They can be isolated in a laboratory, but they don’t replicate and don’t have a host.

So when you have coronavoids, it’s kind of like a virus with two hosts.

“So if you isolate the first one, and then the second one becomes a virus, then you can isolate that virus and try to isolate the host,” Schusters says.

To get a sense of how coronaves are evolving, Schuster and his colleagues will use data collected from coronave outbreaks across the country and other coronavista in Michigan.

They are also using data from coronaves from other states, such the states of California and New York.

In each state, the researchers will compare how the coronas are different in terms of their flu strains,

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